ATTENTION - LIST BUILDERS! DO NOT Build A List UNTIL You Get Your Hands On This Critical Information From A Marketing Master

"What If The Money Isn't Really
In The List - And Everything You
Thought You Knew About Email
Marketing Was Wrong?"

The Truth Behind Your Email List & Why It’s
Not Giving You The Results You Want!

Email Supremacy

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Like you, I know exactly how it feels to pour blood, sweat, and tears into a building a list, only to have next to no sales...

I know how it feels to send out an email to a list to only have under 2% open my email...

I spent months trying to figure out the EXACT process to getting people to convert and open my emails...

I even invested in courses that all talked about the same stuff which left me even more confused...

The truth is, none of them gave me a real, solid plan-of-action.

I don’t want you to go through the same suffering as I did...

Extremely Low Open Rates

Nobody's Clicking On Your Links

And Even Worse No Sales Are Made From Your Emails...

Believe me, my email open rates stunk, I rarely generated any clicks to my links, and I continuously burned out a number of lists, all while making NO COMMISSIONS.

When it comes to Email Marketing, I knew what rock bottom felt like.

Once I hit that stage, I started studying, testing, experimenting, and applying ALL of the Email Marketing info that I could get my hands on.

My hard work paid off because I then developed a simple system that just plain works...

How I Cracked The Email Marketing Bubble

I was on a mission to prove that what I had just discovered could easily be duplicated...

So I shared this SIMPLE technique and EASY STEPS to one of my friends, and he started seeing results OVERNIGHT, all to a list he thought was “dead”. He couldn’t believe it...

When he started emailing his list, he did what he thought he was supposed to do - promote and hard sell from day one.

He never figured that by building a relationship and trust with his subscribers, he’d have a much easier time of it (and make great commissions with each promotion)...

He didn’t know how important it was to establish himself as an authority.

And he didn’t see that one simple tweak to his squeeze page could crank up his conversions and boost his email open rates at the same time!


"Email Supremacy"

"Proven Hacks That You Can Use To Get
To Open, Click, And BUY!"

(Available Now For Instant Download)

Email Supremacy

Today you get a chance to add your name to the list of “super affiliate”s that crush leaderboards, build authority and succeed at whatever you promote!

Today you can practically steal my system that works every time you mail.

Do You Know What it Takes to Crush It Whenever you Promote?

BUILD an amazing relationship with your list! Period.

I’m willing to bet you’ve spent good money building your list. But are you seeing the results you want yet? Specifically, are you:

HAVING success with each promotion?

Seeing INCREASED Open & Click Rates?

Getting a ton of Sales and THANK YOU’s?

Cause News Flash! - IF NOT, you’re not getting the most out of your list. Which is NOT YOUR FAULT. But know this: If you’re not earning when you mail, your list ain’t an asset, it’s an expense!

It IS possible to do SO much better. It IS possible to have your subscribers get EXCITED to read your messages, and take your recommendations.

Email Supremacy

It IS POSSIBLE to Become Insanely Successful from Email Marketing. Period!

This product is THE ONE that can change things around for you…

Because I’m not giving you just a list of power words or tricky subject lines that MAY boost your open rates “temporary”.

I’m going to show you how to CONNECT with your list for long term profits!

The Money’s in What You Do with Your List!

I studied every email marketing course I could get my hands on. Online, offline, sales tactics, the whole 9 yards...

I even dived into the whole Psychological tricks, engagement techniques, subject lines, calls to actions, all until my mind was spinning...

And in this mess of study I came to some SIMPLE conclusions that changed the way I would email forever.

I am giving you these conclusions in a POWER PACKED ebook that has more value than you can possible imagine...

By putting what I learned into action, my conversions and results became so stellar that I just had to share it with you!

Here’s A Taste Of What’s Waiting For You:

The crucial thing you need to know BEFORE you begin writing any profit-exploding email!

The 4 main focus points for your email... discover how to virtually control the mind of your readers...

The DANGEROUS "magic word" that you CAN'T over-use... it will KILL your chances!

A groovy tool that every (SUCCESSFUL) email marketer should be equipped with (oh.. and you can get it free!)

6 types of email you can send... (you'll be prepared for ALL occasions!)

How to write a hypnotic subject line to MAXIMISE your email open-rate and stop it being deleted!

The recipe for an ultra-catchy opening paragraph that'll strike huge interest in your reader's minds... and make sure they read on!

A technique that'll give your emails a "psychological neon light"... it'll stand out from the crowd in their packed inbox...

How to create a "call-to-action" that converts like CRAZY - get people to act and buy your products and click your links...

Oh.. and as a special bonus - I've included my favourite, top-converting promo emails... so you can see these techniques in action!

WAIT! There’s EVEN More!

Armed with the information in this eBook, you'll EASILY be able to:

Increase your list's click-through rate as high as to 10-20% - and maybe as high as 30-40%

Create a huge influx of sales easily - even with a small list! (We like sales, right?)

Inspire your subscribers to OPEN, READ & TAKE HUGE INTEREST in your e-mails...

YES! I’m So Confident That YOU Will Notice REAL Results...I REMOVED All The Risk:

Sure, we know what you were thinking... and yes, this does have a full, cast-in-stone 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

You have a full month to check it out, try the techniques and if you don't at least double your open and click through rates of your email list, or if you don't LOVE the report, then just drop us an email, and ask for your money back. Every single penny.

We'll send back your $39 and we can still be friends.

See - every product on the web today seems to come with a money back guarantee, so we thought we should include one here. Although we're pretty darn sure that you're NOT going to use it. We're THAT confident that you'll adore this training.

How Do You Get Your Hands
On 'Email Supremacy'?

Well, to make this a "proper offer", we should really tell you to "Buy Right Now Or Else You'll Be Hunted Down!" or something crazy. But we're not.

Nor are we going to do the usual "scarcity" or "only 10 copies left" rubbish. The truth is that we've no idea how long this thing will be here for, so we DO suggest that you go ahead and order today... otherwise you might miss out.

We might keep this going for another day, another hour.. or maybe as long as we live. Who knows? But if you want to master "Email Supremacy" right now, then it's only $39.

Just click the "Add to Cart" button below and you can be implementing this mindblowing, profit-pumping information in just a few minutes time.

Yes! I want to learn how to make more money from email marketing and write profit-pulling emails... fast.

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to this powerful report which will teach me your email marketing techniques.

I’m about to get instant access to the exact same strategies which have been effective for you over the past few years and they will definitely work for me too.

I know that this report is 100% effective, 100% legitimate and 100% what I’m looking for right now.

You’ve made this a very easy decision with your 100% set-in-stone money back guarantee. I’m ready to start right now, so I’m clicking the “Add to Cart” button below.

Email Supremacy

Access to "Email Supremacy" is available instantly
inside the secure members area, even if it's 3am

So, if you're fed up of hearing about how powerful your list should be then hit "Add To Cart" and allow us to you how to take your conversions, sales and profits through the roof.

Hurry... otherwise you might miss out.

We hope to see you on the inside and look forward to hearing about your RESULTS!

Creators, Email Supremacy

PS. Still on the fence? I’ve put together some FAQ’s to help you make the right decision today...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about? 

This is about doing email marketing the RIGHT way not just some hoax or magic pill stuff, this is my exact process that is proven to get you results in a jam packed eBook!

How much money can I make with this?

That depends if you actually go through the ebook and apply what I lay out for you. If you go through and apply it then you won’t even believe your own eyes!

Do you have proof that this works?

Of course… I practice everything that I preach, I am right there with you in the trenches and sharing all my insights to save you any bumps or bruises along the way.

What’s different about this training than other online courses?

Very simple, if you follow along what I have personally been using and laid out for you, it’s as if you can’t lose.

How do I get started today?

Email Supremacy


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